The annual "Enterprise & Marine" event concluded with enormous success, while its guests reached over 650 on the night of the charity gala.

The annual “Enterprise & Marine” event concluded with enormous success, while its guests reached over 650 on the night of the charity gala.

The event took place on May 12, 2024, at the Glyfada Golf Course “Konstantinos Karamanlis,” under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, and Sports, the Municipality of Glyfada, and the Hellenic Golf Federation. More than 55 companies and 600 prominent executives from Greece’s business and maritime community honored the event with their presence. In the competitive segment, 144 golf athletes participated in the tournament, demonstrating a spirit of noble rivalry. This leading sports charity golf event, attracts even more guests, sponsors, and supporters each year, successfully raising the sum of €40,000 to support the work of “Mazi gia to Paidi” (Together for Children).

“Together for Children” has been operating since 1996 to protect thousands of children in our country. It offers a wide range of services with the goal that every child in every corner of Greece has access to sustainable living conditions and equal opportunities. The work of “Together for Children” focuses on combating poverty, health and mental health, education, supporting the member associations that make up the Union “Together for Children,” as well as supporting populations affected by natural disasters. It is a Civil Non-Profit Company (AMKE) that operates with principles of financial transparency. It relies on resources from corporate sponsorships, individual donations, revenue from corporate social responsibility programs, and the organization of cultural, sports, and other events in Greece and abroad. More information can be found at

The inspirer and organizer of “Enterprise & Marine,” coach of athletes, A-Class P.G.A. golfer Panagiotis Karantzias, stated among other things: “It is my great pleasure and honor to see the event grow every year. The goals we set have been achieved. Both the positive response and the reviews we received are a strong motivation for the future. We are proud of the massive participation through which a significant contribution to the important cause of ‘Together for Children’ emerged. This indicates the true success of the event.”

Once again, “Enterprise & Marine” centered on golf, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, offering unique moments and experiences to athletes and guests. The athlete participation reached a staggering number of 144, setting a new record. Teams of four were formed, which were divided into two groups with two start times (08:15 and 13:30), competing for dozens of awards and “Challenges” while simultaneously supporting the work of “Mazi gia to Paidi.” It is worth noting that many contestants traveled to Greece from different parts of the world, giving “Enterprise & Marine” an international character, while maintaining its charitable focus.

The event concluded with the award ceremony at the elegant “Manor House” restaurant in Golf Prive Glyfada, with an unlimited view of the course. The awards for the top five winning teams were presented by representatives of the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsors. During the dinner, awards and honorary plaques were also presented to the event’s sponsors and supporters. Finally, the lottery of the charity gala took place, with more than 450 prizes for the lucky winners, offering an additional sense of joy and excitement to all attendees.

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