– A people-centred yacht that will allow owner and guests alike to live in close contact with the surrounding environment whilst fully resArcadia2pecting Mother Nature herself
– Around 100 square metres of communal living space on the main deck alone
– As a result, the A85S features the innovative new sky lounge concept which can convert to a third entirely enclosed deck complete with side windows
– A massive 36 sqm of new-generation photovoltaic cells deliver 3.5 kW of power
– The A85S will be one of the stars of the 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival where it will be flanked by the rest of the ARCADIA YACHTS fleet

Having revolutionised the international nautical market since 2010 with a string of yachts designed to deliberately blur the confines between interior and exterior, the ARCADIA YACHTS yard looks set to astonish the sector once again with the new A85S, a boat that delivers an incredibly generous amount of guest space for its 25.9-metre length.
The layout and functional aspects of the living space aboard the A85S are the result of a deliberate evolution of the yard’s construction processes. The linear design of the superstructure and vertical line of the bow guarantee optimal use is made of every single inch of available space, both interior and exterior. The perfect case in point is the exceptionally generous living area which is significantly larger than that found on other yachts of the same dimension and, in fact, results in around 100 square metres of communArcadia5al space on the main deck alone.
The uniqueness of the ARCADIA YACHTS philosophy in general and the A85S in particular springs from a desire to place people at the centre of each new project. This changes the whole meaning and experience of seafaring and allowing all aboard to enjoy exceptionally close contact with the surrounding environment.
At 25.9 metres (84’11”) in length, the A85S has a maximum displacement of 75 tonnes. It also sports twin 730 hp MAN diesel engines which guarantee a maximum speed of 18 knots. The new yacht cruises confidently at 16 knots too. Equally, it can cruise in displacement mode at the slightly lower speed of 12 knots to allow those aboard to enjoy the most pleasurable part of any cruise. The A85S has a range of approximately 850 nm @ 12 knots.

All ARCADIA yachts are inspired by our desire to put the owner at centre stage, to create spaces that will cocoon him and his guests whilst still allowing all aboard to fully experience and live the natural land and seascape all around.
The A85S both reflects and further refines the yard’s philosophy by offering a total and truly immersive experience of nature.
This is exactly why the A85S features the innovative sky-lounge concept which can convert to a third entirely enclosed deck, complete with Up & Down side windows that rise all the way up to the hard top at the touch of a button. This makes the whole of the upper deck much morArcadia3e flexible and usable in all kinds of weather. The space can be climate-controlled in very hot climes or in foul weather or left open to the air to allow occupants enjoy the sea breeze in summer. A significant departure from the usual offerings on the market as this particular space really can be utilised 365 days a year.

In design terms, the A85S is simple and sober in style, featuring a harmonious mix of interior and exterior areas. The enclosed spaces, in fact, seem to meld with the surround nature and sea. The heady scent of the sea, its soft sounds and reflections off the water flood the interior, creating the feeling that it is one with the elements.
The sky lounge is home not simply to the high-tech bridge but also a large convivial area which, as already indicated, can be enjoyed right throughout the year by owner and guests.
ARCADIA has also created a large C-shaped sofa and an adjustable-height table forward on the main deck which transforms this particular space into a large sunning area.
The deckhouse is almost entirely comprised of double-glazed reflective glass, lending the interior a bright airiness. Automatic blinds on the ceiling and side windows offer the owner and his guests complete privacy in port or even riding at anchor out in a bay. The A85S’s main saloon is extremely cosy and also has an eight-seater dining table forward which can be served directly from the galley, thanks to a vertically sliding hatch. There is even a separate day add for visiting guests.
The elegant winter garden leads to the spacious aft-deck lounge which is 8.5 metres in length and has a nicely-sheltered cockpit with a second table that’s perfect for suppers and dinners as well as a large sunning area further aft. The exterior aft deck is itself well-sheltered and offers guests an excellent alternative to the interior. In fact, it is somewhere they can spend much of their time. The imposing size of the aft deck allows both oArcadia4wner and guests to enjoy the sea as fully as possible and to feel surrounded by it, thanks to the presence of two side balconies that further enhance the sense of communion with the world around them.
The A85S is ideal for welcoming a large number of guests and, as such, for enjoying holidays with close friends and family. There are four cabins on the lower deck, including a spectacular 32 square metre master suite amidships with an en suite bathroom complete with a spacious wellness area. The roomy VIP stateroom forward has a double bed and also a walk-in closet. The remaining two guest cabins are twins. Additionally, there are quarters for four crew in the forward section of the A85S. The crew and technical areas are noteworthy and include a tender garage capable of stowing a four-metre-plus craft and a two-seater jet ski. ARCADIA YACHTS meticulously studied and designed the crew walkways through the yacht to guarantee absolute privacy to owner and guests at all times.
Furnishings from the leading Italian designer brands have been used through the A85S’s interior with plentiful individual stand-alone pieces that make a modular layout workable.

One of the A85S’s strongest attributes is, without a doubt, its exceptionally modest fuel consumption, which is an impressive 30-50% lower than other yachts of comparable dimensions. The same applies to its running costs. These results were delivered by its semi-planing NPL hull. The latter was developed after extensive testing by the National Physical Laboratory in England to ascertain the optimal hull form and also the most hydrodynamically efficient length-beam ratio. Combined with the particularly light ARCADIA YACHTS superstructure, this advanced hull delivers strikingly efficient performance figures even with modest horse power.

ARCADIA’s unique philosophy not only celebrates but also respects the natural environment. This ethos is expressed in practical form by the solar panels integrated into the superstructure. These actually reduce generator use so that guests can luxuriate in the sounds of nature – waves lapping, birds calling – while riding at anchor. Extensive use of leading-edge thermal-insulating glazing is further evidence of the yard’s commitment to its green principles too.
New generation photovoltaic cells are set between the outer and inner surfaces of the double-glazed solar panels fitted to most of the superstructure. This advanced, eco-friendly system of 36 sqm of panels, each comprising hundreds of photovoltaic cells, yields a power output of 3.5 kW. This is enough energy to to power many different electrical appliances and units, including fridges, water pumps, WCs, lights, A/V and electronics while the batteries recharge.
Given the fact that air-conditioning is often superfluous because of the large apertures in the winter garden and the way the sky lounge can be opened up, the A85S’s energy requirements are often met for the entire day by the solar panel system alone rather the generators. The result is a significant saving in diesel, slashed pollutant levels and zero emissions.

The A85S will be in good company on the water at the upcoming 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival (September 12 to 17). In fact, the Italian yard will be bringing its entire fleet from the Sherpa to the A115 flagship, via the A85 and the A100, to the event.

ECOTHINK – A “ green” approach reflects in everything we do, in our everyday life, at work and when making big decisions. This is a lifestyle that ARCADIA Yachts has managed to bring into the nautical sector through an idea that has combined together functional design and “ethical sense”, appreciation and respect for the environment. An “ecological idea” which translates into eco-friendly solutions, that reduces consumption and environmental impact. To enjoy the sea in a more free and responsible way. Because the future of yachting is a little greener every day.
ECOTECH – The most advanced technological research and the best Italian creativity to generate innovative and efficient solutions which define a new “sustainable” frontier in yachting:
> FUNCTIONAL DESIGN with a distinct personal touch, to better integrate shapes and components and reach the highest eco-friendly performance;
> Double glazing PANELS integrated within the superstructure. This feature ensures maximum comfort whilst recharging the batteries and powering all utilities and services on-board. This is the only way to reduce the use of generators;
> HYDRODYNAMIC EFFICIENCY of the semi-displacement hull which requires limited engine power, guaranteeing low consumption, emissions and maintenance costs;
> SOPHISTICATED SYSTEMS which provide waste water treatment to avoid pollution;
> Optional HYBRID PROPULSION to sail up to 8 knots with “zero emissions” in absolute silence;
> ARCADIA ASSEMBLING SYSTEM which minimizes the waste materials during the building stage, the use of paints, and helps reduce construction times.
THE SHIPYARD – The shipyard is located in the heart of the Mediterranean: a 36.000m2 facility where craftsmanship, modern technologies, attention to detail and the surrounding environment are perfectly blended together.
THE FLEET – A series of fiberglass yachts ranging from 58’ to 115’, with new plans to increase the top size from 145’ up to 180’, both in steel.

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