We are pleased to announce AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info 2018 will include five more countries,
namely Spain, France, Italy, Malta and the Principality of Monaco, with companies and maps from their major marinas.

AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info will be delivered at 3.500 Yachts and MegaYachts (distribution with our specialized distribution network – in the hands of owners or crews),AZIMOUTHIO YACHTING INFO MARINE YACHTING SAILING SHIPPING DIRECTORY
by placing Directories at the Monaco Yacht Club (www.yacht-club- Monaco.mc/fr/home/) and Participating at the biggest Yachting Exhibitions.
Our distribution in the Western Mediterranean will take place in March 2018.

AZIMOUTHIO Yachting Info is the only fast growing Yachting Directory that has succeeded in taking part in major exhibitions and
distributing Yacht by Yacht throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East area.

Our effort to promote all the professionals involved in Yachting industry to the most important Decision Makers of these countries is ongoing…

Stay tuned …!

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