Crist, The Evolution of Hotel & Mega Yachts Linen

“Let us introduce you to the evolution of hotel & Mega Yachts linen”

The future of hospitality will be shaped by those people who will grab the opportunity to creatively use every inch of their available space and to provide their clients with a high quality service.

Crist’s professional linen products combined with the complementary value adding services provided – will assist you in developing a uniform profile of high aestheticism and top functionality in all of your hotel spaces.

Crist has equipped hotel units with the appropriate professional linen for half a century. It has created a status in linen field in Greece.

About Crist

Crist is a pioneer and a leading Greek company in the field of hotel and professional bed linen. Its main focus is the design and production of high standard linen products, thus contributing to the qualitative, aesthetic and functional upgrade of its customers’ spaces.

It successfully responds to the needs of hundreds of hotels in Greece and abroad, whilst holding a leading position in premium tourist markets, such as those of Mykonos and Santorini.

Crist, The Evolution of Hotel & Mega Yachts Linen

“History interconnected with linen in Greece”

Crist’s history, since 1971, is interconnected with the history of linen in Greece and the tangible expression of hospitality. Contemporary and elegant design, high quality fabrics, meticulous sewing and sewing styles that make the difference. These properties are borne from the interaction of traditional know-how and cutting-edge technology are put in place in the company’s facilities in Athens.

The complete collection of Crist products includes selections for all the spaces and hotel needs, such as:


“Tangible quality that makes a difference”

The basic reason for which Crist’s products are found in the most unique hotels is due to their incomparable quality. Quality which gives meaning to the term “professional linen”. It contributes to the aesthetic upgrade of spaces, is characterized by top-notch functional characteristics and provides countless personalization opportunities.

Crist’s accumulated expertise in the hotel sector, combined with the collaborative services provided, meet the highest of standards set by the industry’s most demanding hotels.

“Creatively facing the tourism market challenges”

Satisfying the needs of the company’s clients creates new challenges in an era of the transition of linen from a disposable good to a value adding tool. Today, the majority of the hotels seek products that enhance and complete their image, while contributing to the brand name recognition. Simultaneously, they seek high quality products that retain their characteristics for a long time, conveying the feeling of quality not only in the first uses but throughout its use.

Crist’s response to the tourism market challenges stems from the efficient management and production processes. The specialized and trained staff is inspired by a customer-centric culture and responds to the evident and hidden needs and wants of our clients. 

Eco Friendly Produced linen!

A highly rewarding marketing tool!

All of Crist’s products are produced exclusively with the use of renewable energy sources!

For this reason they coincide with the public’s ecological sensitivities, providing highly competitive advantages to your hotel.

The Eco-Friendly production process proves to be an innovative marketing tool for Crist’s customers which assists them in developing a more attractive company image.                  

Crist provides an integrated package of promotional tools associated with ecology, beginning with the provision of a special “Eco Friendly Produced Linen” logo, to be used in websites, promotional material and hotel spaces. In addition, the company has developed a range of other investment tools associated with the international ecological sensitivity trends, which can actually make a difference.

Crist, The Evolution of Hotel & Mega Yachts Linen

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