Golf Events 18: «Enterprise & Marine» Returns For The Third Consecutive Year!

Last year’s success surpassed all previous records, raising the bar even higher. We announce the upcoming sports fundraising event «Enterprise & Marine», on Sunday, May 12, 2024, at the Glyfada Golf Course. It is important to mention that the event will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Religion, and Sports and the Greek Golf Federation, thus providing a framework of guarantee and reliability for the successful conduct of the event. Organized by Golf Events 18, targeting all business, industrial, construction, and maritime sectors, aiming at networking, socializing, communication, and contribution, strengthening the philanthropic work of “Together for Children.”

“Together for Children” has been working since 1996 to protect thousands of children in our country. It offers a wide range of services aiming for every child in every corner of Greece to have access to sustainable living conditions and equal opportunities. The work of “Together for Children”,  focuses on combating poverty, health and mental health, education, supporting the member clubs of the “Together for Children” Union, as well as supporting populations affected by natural disasters. It is a Non-Profit Civil Society Organization (CSO) operating on the principles of financial transparency. It relies on resources from corporate sponsorships, individual donations, revenues from corporate social responsibility programs, and the organization of cultural, sports, and other events in Greece and abroad. 

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More than 55 companies have confirmed their participation, and over 500 key figures from the business and maritime community of Greece will attend the fundraising gala. More than 32 teams from Greece and abroad will take part in this year’s tournament, vying for one of the top five positions in the overall standings. Additionally, special awards will be presented for their performance in special categories such as Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, Closest to the bottle, Closest to the jewel, and Closest to the hotel.

The event will conclude with the awards ceremony and gala dinner at the stylish “Manor House” restaurant in Golf Prive, Glyfada, offering unlimited views of the golf course. The awards for the top five winning teams will be presented by representatives of the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsors. There will be a dinner, award presentation, and honorary plaques awarded to the sponsors and supporters of the event, along with a lottery draw for the evening. For the first time, more than 450 prizes will be distributed to the lucky winners, providing yet another reason for joy and excitement during the event. 

Diamond Sponsor: 

D.K. FOTINAKIS LTD. / Technical studies, yacht constructions, and ship repairs

Platinum Sponsors: 

K. KYVERNITIS TRAVEL SHIPPING S.A. / General tourism agency 

TURBOMED / Provision of services & spare parts for ship turbochargers 

DYNAMIC / General ship repairs 

SAINT NICHOLAS / General ship repairs

Gold Sponsors: 

MARINE LOGISTICS / Ship spare parts supply chain 

PLEASANCE / Construction company 

JET SET / Ground Handling Services

Silver Sponsors: 

DNV / Ship classification society 

ARGO EXCHANGE / Currency Exchange – Money Transfers 



Bronze Sponsors:

 JOTUN / Marine coatings 

THE BODY SHOP / Global, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty activist company 

NOVAL PROPERTY / Real estate investment company 

HELMO’S / Construction company


MINERVA MARINE / Shipping company 

THENAMARIS / Shipping company 

PANTHEON TANKERS / Shipping company

IONIC / Shipping company 



ELVAL COLOUR / Aluminum product processing and composite panel production company

SBA / Logistics for the Balkans, Cyprus and Greece

IAMA / Medical center

GOLF PRIVE / Event venues & catering services 

CONCEPTS S.A. / Beverage trading & marketing company 

BIC VIOLEX M.A.E. / Industrial and commercial company 

FREZYDERM / Dermocosmetics company 


EB/ARCHITECTS / Architectural studies 

JOHN LYRAS / Jewelry store, Glyfada 

LES FLEURISTES / Florist in the Southern Suburbs 

MILIOTI COSMETICS / Olive oil and cosmetics company 

SEE MY BAG HANDMADE / Greek women’s accessories manufacturing company 

COCO-MAT / Single Member S.A. for household and hotel equipment, mattress production

VOUGIOUKLAKIO / Western Attica Clinic 

AGGELIS MEATWORKS / Butcher’s shop 

VATISTAS / Fish and seafood selection 

Café Έξη / Bakery, coffee shop, catering 

KAYAK / Ice cream and pastry shop company 

STRETCH & RELAX Massage & Pilates boutique / Health Spa

ALEXANDRIS / Printing company, Glyfada 

PENNIE. / Linens industry 

GREENPANIC / Greengrocer – Delicatessen 

WISTA HELLAS / Non-profit association 

ATTIKOS / Golf Club 

G.G.C.A. / Glyfada Golf Club Athens

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