The largest event of the yacht charter industry announced a big change!

• The largest conference in the yacht charter industry gathered worldwide marketing experts and nautical professionals – new trends were discussed among the yacht industry leaders

• The arrival of investors at ICE opened the possibility for new investments

• Yachtmaster Group launched a new matchmaking software for charters, suppliers and agencies

This month Vienna has done wonders for the largest B2B event in the yacht charter industry – International Charter Expo – ICE´19.

The largest conference in the charter industry featuring global marketing experts and nautical experts such as Dr. Friedrich Schöchl, Jordi Gili, Chris Simmance, Michael Amme and Daniel G. Siegel revealed big changes in the yacht charter industry. All speakers pointed out that yacht charter industry must adapt to the end of price dumping and new trends in marketing and sales.

ICE revealed the opening of new markets. Cory Jia – a representative of the Chinese market – explained that China is ready to sail and visit the Mediterranean or the Bahamas. Charters who will customise their offer to the Chinese market will have great growth in sales.

Besides the educational part, the purpose of ICE was to connect yacht charter leaders with agencies, brokers and suppliers. The fair has grown by 30%, becoming more international than ever. More than 200 charter fleets represented all sailing destinations of the world. Charter agencies came from five continents to meet the fleet operators.

1,500 participants arranged 7,000 meetings in one weekend via new matchmaking software – Handshake presented by the Croatian Yachtmaster Group.  The real number of held meetings is even higher, meaning the time at ICE was more efficient than ever.

All markets have increased participation except Croatian and Austrian. “It is understandable, but unfortunate that Croatians have lowered their numbers. “- Tino Prosenik, CEO of Yachtmaster Group

Austria, on the other hand, seemed oblivious to the fact that ICE is now in the capital; neither agents nor suppliers from Austria increased attendance. Also, this was the first time that the financial sector came to ICE. Judging by the number of meetings, the positive outcome of this “experiment” could secure a good future for charters.

“We hope that in 2020, through targeted marketing, we will reach more of the local yachting and nautical industry and bring them to this worldwide unique event.” – Tino Prosenik, CEO of Yachtmaster Group

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