Dear exhibitors and visitors,

We are extremely pleased with the fact that we can inform you that the Rijeka Boat Show in 2022 will be held from September 30. to October 2

Taking responsibility for the fair in 2019, we have set a goal, which is a very strong and relevant nautical fair in the future. Recent events in Rijeka and its surroundings, related to the nautical port of Porto Baroš and other investments in nautical by foreign and domestic strong companies, open new perspectives and opportunities for the Rijeka Boat Show to soon be again a strong and relevant nautical fair and city of Rijeka becomes as it always been – the “First Sea” of much of Europe.

We highlight some of the most important facts about the Rijeka Boat Show:

  • The Nautical Fair in Rijeka has existed since 1984, which makes it the oldest nautical fair in the wider region and was the most important and strongest fair in the not-so-distant past.
  • Since 2019, the Rijeka Boat Show has new organizers with the strength, courage and vision to bring the oldest nautical fair in the wider region to its former high levels and importance in nautical.
  • Since 2019, the fair has been raised to a much higher level in terms of performance, marketing, and conceptual terms.
  • In 2021, the Rijeka Boat Show was sold out in the space it had at its disposal in 2021.
  • In 2022, 8,000 visitors are expected in 3 days of maintenance.
  • Rijeka Boat Show is a fair where exhibitors really sell their products and services!
  • Rijeka Boat Show is the most favorable fair in relation to what is obtained and invested, with the lowest prices of exhibition spaces in the Republic of Croatia and high marketing value for exhibitors.

We are additionally encouraged about achievements of the past years despite the Covid-19 limitations, primarily in terms of increasing the number of exhibitors and outstanding sales results. Namely, last year, in 2021, the space of the Rijeka Boat Show was filled, sold out! This year, with the reorganization of the space, we got additional exhibition spaces, and with additional investments in marketing, we expect even more exhibitors.

We are free to send you a link to the video from last year’s Rijeka Boat Show in order to get a better idea of the fair.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that discounts are in force on the prices of exhibition spaces according to the following time frames:

  1. 10% discount until September 1, 2022. to all exhibition spaces.

All information from the fair can be found on the new website at

We remain available for any questions and ask you for initial information about your interest for exhibition or visit.

Map of the Rijeka Boat Show 2022

Rijeka Boat Show 2022 application form (both on english and croatian language)

Sincerely, the director of the Rijeka Boat Show, Ivan Črnjarić

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