Following the successful pre-release of the Boat 1 and Boat 2 plans, the Yacht Manager App has now released the prime two plans: Yacht 6 and Yacht 12.

The latest Yacht Manager App addition is a yachting level platform that allows owners, captains and crew to tailor, monitor and execute all vessel management needs. It is the perfect pocket tool that takes away the hassle of managing any type of a yacht up to 40 meters long.

The Yacht 6 and 12 is the ultimate mobile tool that effortlessly organizes and manages a variety of tasks on-board and off-board a yacht, such as organizing crew for vessel operations, maintenance, repairs and other expenses of the vessel – as well as catering for parties, planning itineraries, scheduling tasks, monitoring financial costs and much more.

The Yacht Manager App does not need learning lessons. It is designed to teach you while you are reviewing its preloaded data and editing its options to tailor your needs. In addition to that, it was designed by captains, crew and maritime engineers with a goal to be easy to use. There’s no need for instruction manuals. The app is designed for any yachtie to use no matter what their technical skills.

The Yacht Manager App is anyone’s best mate.

Tom Logar, the Company’s CEO, says: “the best 1st Mate is always the one you don’t even have to think about. The Yacht Manager App is the finest assistant to any boating, sailing, and yachting management organization”.

An assistant who never sleeps or forgets; it tracks, catalogs and counts daily and recurring tasks, itineraries, checklists, costs, repairs, supplies, contacts, documents, fuel, guests, crew lists, logs and events to make your yachting organization fun and professional.

Organized recording of tasks, services, maintenance, repairs and improvements will not only improve the safety of the vessel and the people on board, but also increase the value of your vessel (data is transferable at the point of resale).

With the latest release, the Yacht Manager App offers the following Plans and Modules:


BOAT 1 and 2 (open/cabin/sailboat)

YACHT 6 and 12 (the ultimate yachting/sailing organization)


DAY PLAN – pre-set with 70+ recurrent TASK ASSIGNMENTS:

• Assign, receive, monitor…

• From cleaning to maintenance

• From service to repairs

• Daily, weekly, monthly, custom…

• Crew/Calendar view management

• Priority, Flexible, Recurrent…

• Forced notifications

• Time tracking, per task/user

• Crew hours counting

• And much more

CHECKLIST – over 150 pre-sets:

• Before/after the route…

• Fast/weather/…departure

• Reminders for selected crew…

• Safety, maintenance, service…

INVENTORY – 1000+ pre-set items:

• Quantity set/minimum alarms

• Categories by locations/items…

• Micro location, picture…

• Cataloging/change recording

• Equipment, spare parts…

• Provisions, dining sets…

• Fully searchable

• Export (PDF, CVS)


• Schedule, track, record…

• Pre-post route checklists

• Pre-route fuel alarms


• Calibrate fuel consumption

• Track fuel consumption and costs

• Adjust fuel level…


• All documents at hand

• Expiration alarms

• Easy import/export – email (PDF, JPEG)


• Scan bills and monitor expenses

• Auto currency exchange

• Export data in accountant ready format (PDF, CSV)


• Photo note management

• Prompt recording of tasks needed

• Warranties/upgrades/repairs…

• Linked with Day plan


• Vessel dedicated data

• Add people’s trades, expertise


• Printable/email ready

• Port entry/exit ready

• On/off-board


• Full record of your guests

• Active/non-active

• Port entry/exit ready

FOOD MODULE – a special module

• Food ordering module only

• Cabin/leisure location/guest/…

• Daily menu, calorie count…

Visit an App Store, start your FREE TRIAL and improve your vessel organization and its value, at voyage, and at re-sale.

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