Wherever you look in the “City of Gold” the symbols of Dubai’s transformation into a global city are on show. Ranging from the soaring skyscrapers to the five-star hotels to the Michelin-starred restaurants – there is something for everyone.

Perhaps the most recognizable symbols of Dubai are found floating in its ever-expanding luxury marinas: the superyachts, playthings of the rich and powerful that vie for eminence in size and beauty.

Each year Dubai’s yachting infrastructure expands as the city aims for “global capital” status. For leisure and business visitors to Dubai, the view from the shore suggests indulgence, relaxation, and glamour. But it’s a different story for the specialist staff at work onboard these luxury vessels.

The Captain

A captain on the yacht is notionally the most important decision-maker on a vessel. They are experts in sailing the yacht on blue waters of Dubai and take you on your leisure trip. They are also experts at multitasking such as delicate repair jobs that would usually fall to a specialist engineer. The improvement of facilities and infrastructure over the past few years has been phenomenal in Dubai which has led to promotions. Four years ago you would have struggled to find a dock for vessels over 70 meters but now there are new (superyacht) berths coming online all the time.

The Chef

The chef on the yacht is another important person who serves you all the delicacies based on your choice. The chef always strives his level best to serve the scrumptious food that is loved by all. All the chefs on board are well versed in cooking all types of meals as and when ordered by the client. The people of Dubai prefer quantity over quality. This is what the chefs keep in mind while preparing the meals. The chef aboard a yacht is a professionally trained culinary expert that is in charge of all guest and crew meals, provisioning and complete management of the galley.

The Guide

Guests have plenty of downtime on a cruise and “superyachts generally have the guide to share with them the enthralling tales of the golden past of the city. They also brief the tourists about the sky rising buildings and other out of the box myths and facts. Water sports is another popular activity amongst the tourists for which superyachts have water sports instructors. Popular pursuits include diving, jetskis, and flyboarding, a current favorite that involves the rider being lifted into the sky by a high-powered jet of water.

The Stewardess

The role of a “stew” changes constantly. One day, they might be responsible for the inventory of food and drinks, cleaning…flower arrangements and setting tables for the meals. Every day is unique and that is the most interesting part of being a stew.” Life at sea has a romantic appeal — no two sunsets look alike. It is really hard to work during the summer because of the heat, humidity, and sandstorms. They are responsible for the maintenance of the interior of the superyacht and providing the highest standard оf hоѕрitаlitу and ѕеrviсе in line with the owners and guests expectations.

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